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Want to make professional sounding music?

The Music Producer Master Class is the one stop shop to making music at a professional level and learning the tools to becoming a music producer.

Whether you’re a music producer, musician, or just someone who would like to learn how to make songs heard on the radio, movies, or video games, this course will walk you through the entire process. From coming up with ideas and composing, to mixing and mastering, to selling online, we walk you through the whole process so you too can produce incredible sounding music.

The course is designed for music makers of all levels who want to improve their skills, learn FL studio to an expert level, and even make money from their compositions.

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What you will learn in this course

Become a music producer

• Learn the most popular music making software FL Studio from beginner to expert level
• Develop musical ideas into full songs
• Learn tricks to learn any instrument plugin quickly

Mixing and Mastering

• Mix your compositions
• EQ your music like the pros
• Appreciate compression and when to use it
• Use stereo width to make your songs sound huge
• Add sidechain compression to balance kick drums with your bass melody
• Master to achieve polished sounds

Recording Audio and Vocal Processing

• Pitch correct vocals
• Layer with backing vocals and instruments
• Create vocal chopping effects like the musician Skrillex
• Add amazing effects to your voice using vocalizers
• Create Dubstep Growls

Sell Your Music

• Prepare your music for distribution
• Sell your music in online stores like Itunes, Apple Music, Apple Play, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. while keeping 100% of your royalties
• Start earning money

Course Content and Overview

This music course starts from the beginning getting you comfortable using the most popular music software FL studio. You’ll learn what makes music sound great, and how to come up with musical ideas for your target audience. We’ll walk you through the entire music production process and learn how to produce a fully crafted song.

You’ll learn the basics such as creating musical melodies, finding great audio samples, and using instrument plugins. The techniques are taught in a way that you can use them to create any genre/medium of music regardless what purpose or style of music you are interested in.

Your vocals or instrument playing may be fantastic, but will only sound good on playback devices if you know how to properly record them. We discuss the set up needed to record and process great audio. Next, we discuss removing background noise, pitch correcting vocals, layering and harmonizing vocals, and applying advanced effects such as using vocalizers and vocal chopping.

Mixing and mastering is one of the most important parts of music production. Whether you are operating on a laptop with headphones, or at a big recording studio with expensive equipment, you’ll learn how to apply the techniques to properly mix and master your music.

We’ll ease you in, starting with how the mixer works, and then gradually introduce you to advanced topics such as compression, equalizing, stereo width, and side chaining. Finally, we’ll master your music to make your song sound great on any device.

After all this, you’ll learn how to share your music with the world. You will get your music into online distribution stores and start collecting royalty payments by selling your music worldwide.

Great Reviews from students

If you want to make professional sounding music, this is the course for you.

30-Day 100% Money-back Guarantee

Still hesitant? Try it out. And if you don’t like the course, you can get your money back within 30-days, no questions asked.

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